5 Benefits of Using A Website Watcher

A good website watcher can track everything from the geographical location of your visitors to the traffic you receive from ads and search engines. A growing trend, however, is in watchers dedicated solely to monitoring uptime. If you run a high-volume website, or if you have above-average levels of user interactivity, going offline for even a few minutes can destroy the trust that people have in your brand.

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when you install watching software on your website.

1: Real Time Feedback

If you're tired of software that only spits out numbers once a day, consider a website watcher that updates in real time. This will allow you to monitor trends and spikes in daily activity as they actually happen, giving you in-depth and even to-the-minute knowledge about your user base and how they interact with your site.

2: Quality Determination

Are you hosting multiple sites on the same server? It can be hard to judge its quality in the middle of a workday, but a good website watcher will make it easy to compare and contrast uptime on several sites at once. You can also use it to test several web hosts and determine which ones have the best numbers before singing up.

3: Accessibility

Depending on the software you choose, your watching data can be accessible through everything from your smartphone to your tablet. This kind of on-the-go connectivity means that you can monitor your uptime even when you're thousands of miles away at a business conference.

4: Improved Response Time

Most watching software can be set up with alerts and notifications for downtime, allowing you to quickly respond to blackouts and get your site up and running again before your customers even realise that something went wrong. If it doesn't affect their trust, it can't affect your profits, either.

5: Knowledge

Understanding your analytics today can save you a lot of difficulty tomorrow. For example, if your watcher tells you that your mean response time was 30 minutes over the last 24 hours, you'll know exactly who was in the office and who needs to be trained in better efficiency. You'll also have a new benchmark to beat with future response times.

If you're serious about preventing blackouts and providing a high-quality experience for all your users, these are just five reasons to consider a website watcher during your next software upgrade. Visit WatchSumo.com to learn more.