The full fledged website monitoring alternative to TrackSSL

Elisa Keller
Digital Marketing Strategist
March 07, 2024

WatchSumo is user-friendly TrackSSL alternative. It's designed for IT teams who want a complete website monitoring solution for a fair price. Switching is simple and stress-free, and thanks to our free trial, you can try both tools in parallel without committing.

More than just SSL

WatchSumo is a full fledged website monitoring solution. As well as monitoring your SSL certificates, we also monitor your website uptime, to ensure that is operational and returning a 200-range response code. We instantly alert you to any issues that could cause your website to not be operational, not only issues with SSL. We provide charts of response times, which if elevated could point to issues such as servers being overloaded or missing database indexes.

SSL monitoring built it

Even without the additional website monitoring features, WatchSumo on it's own can monitor your SSL certficates to ensure they will be trusted by browsers. We track issues that could cause browsers to reject your certificates such as:

  • Expired certificates
  • Wrong hostname
  • Self-signed certificates
  • Untrusted CA
  • Incomplete / partial chain

Additionally, we check SSL certificates every minute, not just once a day as TrackSSL does. If you have multiple web servers behind a load balancer, it could be that one server is still using an expired SSL certificate. WatchSumo will catch this, where as TrackSSL will not. Even if there is a certificate error we will proceed to perform an uptime check, which includes the full response headers, allowing you to track down exactly which server is serving the wrong certificate.

Alerting in all the right places

As well as sending your email notifications when a problem is identified, we can also alert you via SMS, Slack or even escalate the issue into PagerDuty. We also support webhooks, so if you want to build a custom integration into your internal alerting system that is possible too. Unlike TrackSSL, all these alerting methods are included with every plan. We will email you 30 days before your certificate expires, and then follow up again 14, 7 and 3 days before if we still see the old certificate being served.