If you've come across a problem you can't solve, feel free to get in touch! We are always happy to help!

Before contacting us, you might want to check our FAQ below to ensure your question isn't already there!


Are my website stats affected?

No they are not. Most analytics tools use JavaScript to monitor visitors, so they can tell the difference between real visitors and WatchSumo's monitoring tools.

What do you monitor?

For HTTP monitorings, we perform a HTTP HEAD request against the given URL and expect it to respond with a 200 OK response. We have a timeout of 9 seconds. If you don't respond with the expected response, or a timeout occurs, you get an email :)

What notifications do you support?

We can currently notify you by email or webhook. We will be adding SMS and voice notifications soon!

I didn't receive any notification when my website was down!

Please check that you have specified an email address in the notification, and it is correct.

If you can't solve the issue, feel free to get in touch and we will investigate.

How does the webhook notification work?

For every event (website up or down), we will make a HTTP POST request to the URL specified. It will include a JSON body which includes the event status. We expect your server to respond with a HTTP 2XX response code, otherwise the request will be retried.

POST /webook HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

{"time_ms":1475938660126523,"text":"WatchSumo: is DOWN. For more info visit:","events":[{"name":"website_down","url":""}]}

You can use this to integrate WatchSumo into your existing monitoring systems such as Nagios or Munin, or even your Slack channel!