Webhook Notifications

How do webhook notifications work?

Webhook notifications allow you to connect WatchSumo to third party services. For every event (a website going up or down) we will call the webhook URL.

Our webhooks work by performing a HTTP POST against the endpoint URL you have configured. We send the event in JSON format in the request body, an example is as follows:

POST /webhook HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

  "time_ms": 1475938660126523,
  "text": "WatchSumo: is DOWN. For more info visit:",
  "events": [
      "name": "website_down",
      "url": ""

If we don't receive a HTTP 2XX response code we will retry the request.

Slack Integration

Our webhooks use the a format compatabile with Slack webhooks, so you can integrate notifications directly into Slack.

Follow Slack's documentation on setting up a webhook. Then enter the "Incoming Webhook URL" as the notification URL on WatchSumo.

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